Sunday, January 08, 2006

Clearing by Noon: Catriona Talbot, Rose Vaughan and Sandy Greenberg

Vocal Group Records Songs for Peace

The Halifax vocal group Clearing by Noon (Sandy Greenberg, Catriona Talbot and Rose Vaughan) is recording its first album, a collection of peace songs, with all proceeds to go to the Halifax Peace Coalition and the Voice of Women for Peace.

Clearing by Noon originally performed together in the mid-1980s, playing at venues such as the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival and the International Women's Peace Conference, among many others. Other projects and responsibilities intervened, and the group disbanded in 1988. In 2002, provoked by the impending invasion of Iraq, Clearing by Noon started singing again. The recording project was conceived as a way to support peace groups financially as well as to promote a culture of peace.

A CD release concert is planned for Mother's Day 2006, to honour Julia Ward Howe's original proposal of a Mother's Day for Peace.

Your support is needed now to complete the recording and production of the album; there are three ways you can help us meet our goal:

Advance Sales: for $20 now, we'll deliver a CD to you as soon as it is ready. (We think it would also make a perfect Mother's Day gift.)

House Concerts: for $200 we'll come to your house and perform for you and your friends. You can share the cost, or make it your gift.

Sponsorships: for $400, you or your group can sponsor a specific song on the CD. We'll put your name in the credits next to the song and send you a CD.

Contact Catriona Talbot at (902) 477-2726 or Cheques can be made payable to Clearing by Noon, 74 St. Margaret's Bay Rd, Halifax, NS, B3N 1K2.