Sunday, August 06, 2006

CD Fundraising Project Turns the Corner

Only three months after its release, Clearing by Noon's fundraiser CD "Singing for Peace" has paid for itself. From this point on, every dollar raised by sales of the CD will go directly to the Halifax Peace Coalition and the Voice of Women for Peace - Nova Scotia.

Our initial pressing of 500 CDs funded the production of the CD, and the response to the CD was so great that we pressed an additional 500 copies less than a month after its release.

The CD is available by mail order to Clearing by Noon, Box 31374, Halifax, NS, B3K 5Z1, Canada. The cost of the CD is $20 CDN or US. Shipping is $3 to Canada, $4 to the US and $7 to the UK. Other countries, please contact for shipping costs. You can also order the CD through CB Baby at