Monday, August 13, 2007

Donations reach $3000

Clearing by Noon's fundraising CD project Singing for Peace has now raised $3000 for the two peace organizations it was conceived to benefit: Halifax Peace Coalition and Voice of Women for Peace - Nova Scotia.

The two organizations particpated in organizing an event to mark the third annual Peace Day in the Halifax Regional Municipality, and during the event Clearing by Noon presented each of them with a cheque from $1000 from sales of the CD, which was released in May 2006.

With earlier donations of $500 to each group in November 2006, the total raised is now $3000.

The vocal group, which features Sandy Greenberg, Catriona Talbot and Rose Vaughan, continues to promote the album at concerts and peace events throughout Nova Scotia. Their next appearances will be at a women's retreat for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and at Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia ( At Deep Roots they will share the stage with

among others. Deep Roots runs from September 14 to 16, with performances by Clearing by Noon all three days.

The CD is available by mail order to Clearing by Noon, Box 31374, Halifax, NS, B3K 5Z1, Canada. The cost of the CD is $20 CDN or US. Shipping is $3 to Canada, $4 to the US and $7 to the UK. Other countries, please contact for shipping costs. You can also order the CD through CB Baby at